About OABH

About OABH

Bill Gardner; Margie Fleischer; Sharon Stanley – From / Left to Right

Every board of health established pursuant to Chapter 3709, Ohio Revised Code, shall be eligible for membership (member board) – OABH Bylaws.

The Ohio Association of Boards of Health (OABH) is a public health organization that was created for Board of Health memberships across our state. OABH was established to:

  1. Establish and maintain communication and coordination between boards of health to better understand and approach common and local problems of public health for the State of Ohio.
  2. To assist in planning of orientation and training sessions for board of health members including, but not limited to:
    1. Basic public health services
    2. Programs and community assessments/plans
    3. Roles of state and local health departments
    4. Authority and responsibility of boards of health
    5. Financing
    6. Legislation
  3. To work for the general advancement of public health in Ohio.
  4. To provide a united effort to obtain support for local health departments from state, federal and other financial sources.
  5. To analyze proposed legislation and directives affecting public health and to communicate the views of the boards of health to legislators and state and federal agencies.
  6. To prepare for, achieve, and sustain national public health accreditation through active Board of Health participation in the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) processes.

Our organization has two categories of members: 1) Current members of a board of health that holds a membership in the association and 2) Associate Members, former members of a board of health who are committed to the association’s goal and purposes.

Board and Officers

The OABH Board of Directors include the officer positions of president, president elect, secretary, treasurer and immediate past president, five regional directors (aligned with the Ohio Department of Health five state regions) and five directors-at-large. Current Board and Officers are found below:


JoAnna Pittenger
Miami County Public Health
2018 – 2020

President Elect

Past President
2018 – 2020


William Gardner
Lorain County General Health District
2019 – 2021

Regional Directors

Central Region Director
Robert Harrison
Logan County Health District
2018 – 2020

NE Region Director

NW Region Director
Roger Richard
Henry County Health District
2019 – 2021

SE Region Director
2019 – 2021

SW Region Director
2019 – 2021

Directors At Large

Director At Large

Director At Large
Dominic Brigano
Warren County Board of Health
2019 – 2021

Director At Large

Margie Fleischer
Delaware General Health District

2019 – 2021

Director At Large

Director At Large
Eric Siekkinen, RPh
Knox County Health Department
2018 – 2020